SafeBrowse Interface

Feb 2018

A hypothetical add-on that allows Instagram users to tag posts with trigger warnings, so the next user can take caution before viewing the image. Based on interviews with social media users.

[Video description: SafeBrowse is an Instagram add-on that lets users tag posts with potential triggers. Content Warning: Mentions of sexual assault. User opens instagram app and begins browsing the feed. They click on a photo of a protest sign reading, “nobody asks what my rapist was wearing.” They click an icon, bringing down a menu that lets them select tags that could apply. They click “Mention of sexual assault,” and submit. The post has been tagged. This allows the next user to view the post with caution. The next user sees a post with a warning icon in their feed. They open the post, which says it has been tagged as having a mention of sexual assault. They hold down a button to view the photo of the sign, and when they let go the image disappears. The interface asks if the tag was accurate, and the user presses yes. SafeBrowse can be toggles on and off depending on the user’s mood. The user presses a menu button and turns off SafeBrowse. The warning disappears and the photo of the sign reappears. Movies and TV have content warnings. Now social media can, too.]

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